Creachums Story Plush Toys

The Creachums story started as a simple idea way back in 2014. Creachums were just a collection of creatures and monsters that began with simple drawings and vector illustrations. A big part of the inspiration for these creatures came from growing up on cartoons, comic books, and a healthy appetite for toys and action figures.

Creachums Story Sewing Eyes
Creachums Story Cutting Fabric

The Creachums plushies just started as a simple challenge. I wanted to see if I could transform my creature drawings into a soft and squeezable toy. My first design was a little flat, even though it was supposed to be a ball. The next design got a little better, and after a dozen or so iterations, the first Creachum came to life. As soon as my kids saw it, they wanted one for their own.

Creachums plush toy group

Fast forward five years later, and that love for little creatures never tired. Except now, I had the idea to combine my mom’s talent on the sewing machine with my creative ideas to bring the colorful creatures to life. Together we started taking my illustrations and developing patterns to turn those creature concepts into plush toys.

I’ve always been a maker at heart. I’ve always enjoyed the hands-on approach to crafting things. It started with drawing and sketching, from items made out of wood or other materials to fabrics and materials to create the creatures and monsters of Creachums.

We make every Creachum by hand with a small group of people who love to craft high-quality plushies and products. Our little team has a big imagination and likes to use the motto of fun first. Every creature, fabric, color, and design should resonate with a fun and playful spirit. We are big believers in the power of play and imagination for little kids and big kids alike.

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