Creachums Lenny Monster Plushie

Say hello to the Lenny monster plushie, our newest Creachums character. Lenny is a tall, skinny monster with just one eye. He has two funny ears on top of his head and a row of sharp teeth for a mouth. Lenny is made with the same quality fabrics and stuffing as all the Creachums plush … Read more

New Super Spug Plush Toy Creature

The Super Spug plushies are here and joins the Spug family of plush toy Creachums. We have little pint-sized Spugs we call Spuggies. We have the original Spug and Spugosaur, and now we have the extra large Super Spug. It’s just like the regular Spug, but now even biggier. That’s a word right? The Spug … Read more

New Squizzard Plush Toy Creature

The Squizzard plushie toy has arrived, and if you can’t tell, it looks closely related to our Squiggle plush toy. However, they couldn’t be more different except for their large open mouth. The Squizzard might look a little scary, but they are just a big old softie. You can read about its likes, dislikes, and … Read more

Arlo Plush Toy Holographic Sticker

Arlo is our little Creachum who always loves going on adventures. Sometimes that includes hopping on a skateboard and going for a ride. We created this new Arlo skateboarding holographic sticker to have everything Arlo– bright, fun colors, and an excellent mode of transportation. We must love holographic stickers because this is the second one … Read more

The Love Spug Plush Toy

Your new main squeeze Say hello to the Love Spug Limited Edition plush toy creature. We created this Creachum just in time for Valentine’s Day. We made it to be full of heart, love, and affection. The Love Spug has its own unique story, likes, dislikes, birthday, and hobbies. You can read their full description … Read more

Wallis Plush Toy with Math Ornament

Celebrate Christmas with the Creachums! 2021 was the Creachums very first Christmas. We had a lot of fun creating holiday content to share with you. We thought it would be nice to highlight some of our favorite photos from this past Christmas here. We can’t wait to create and share new pictures with you in … Read more

Newburgh Celebrates Christmas Booth

We were at Newburgh Celebrates Christmas Vendor Mart on December 11, 2021. We were happy to see all of you who came out to visit. And thanks to all who purchased a Creachum. We sincerely appreciate the support. It’s always fun to introduce our creature characters to new people. We love hearing your positive feedback … Read more

New Wallis Holographic Stickers

We love anything fun and cute looking. The new Wallis Holographic Stickers fills both of those characteristics. We wanted to add a few stickers to our shop, so we decided to add Wallis, our bright little creature, to a fun and colorful new sticker. We think holographic stickers look fun since they change color as … Read more

Creachums at Carol's Play Christmas Experience

This holiday season, we had the chance to be a part of the Grand Opening of a popup winter Christmas Experience . The concept behind the experience is to provide Evansville with its first interactive photo art installation that features eight instagrammable Christmas/winter-themed art installation rooms. NOCO PARK who celebrates local creativity and artistry, presented … Read more

Introducing Spuggies Plush Toys

Unique little creatures We are happy to introduce the Spuggie and Spuggiesaur plush toys, the new mini plushie based on our Spug and Spugosaur Creachums. Even though they look just like their bigger versions, they both have unique likes, dislikes, personalities, and backstories. Who are the Spuggies? The Spuggies are just like their larger counterparts, … Read more