New Arlo Skateboarding Holographic Sticker

Arlo Plush Toy Holographic Sticker

Arlo is our little Creachum who always loves going on adventures. Sometimes that includes hopping on a skateboard and going for a ride. We created this new Arlo skateboarding holographic sticker to have everything Arlo– bright, fun colors, and an excellent mode of transportation.

We must love holographic stickers because this is the second one we’ve added to our product collection. This time though, we made the entire Creachum the holographic part. Arlo has a beautiful aqua fur coat. We thought the holographic colors best represented his colors, so we made the character fully holographic.

We use the best materials to make all of our stickers. They are waterproof and weatherproof. The Arlo skateboarding holographic sticker measures approximately 2.6″x3″. You can stick these anywhere, phone cases, lockers, folders, your car, and just about anywhere else!

Head over to our shop, where you can find these new stickers, plush toys, and other fun products! Do you have a character you think should be our next sticker idea? Let us know which Creachum you think we should do next!

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