New: Love Spug Limited Edition Plush Toy

The Love Spug Plush Toy

Your new main squeeze

Say hello to the Love Spug Limited Edition plush toy creature. We created this Creachum just in time for Valentine’s Day. We made it to be full of heart, love, and affection. The Love Spug has its own unique story, likes, dislikes, birthday, and hobbies. You can read their full description on their creature page.

We thought it would be fun to reimagine our Spug plush toy as if Cupid’s arrow hit it. They have brilliant red fur, a pink underbelly, pink spikes, and big heart pupils. Both the Spug and the Love Spug have the same soft round body that’s perfect for hugging and squeezing.

We aren’t sure if these are just Spugs who were hit by a love bug and transformed into their red selves. Or if they are a completely different breed of Spug. Either way, the Love Spug is a fun way to celebrate Valentine’s Day with someone you love.

These creatures won’t be around long, though. You can only find them around Valentine’s day. After that, they are gone. So if you want a little Love Spug in your life, you need to adopt one quick.

What is the Love Spug Limited Edition plush toy?

Just like The Spug, the Love Spug doesn’t say much. The biggest difference is that the Love Spug won’t leave your side the moment it sets its heart eyes on you. This Spug will shower you with affection and seems to have a panache for assorted chocolates.

Made with love

We make all of our stuffed toys with the utmost care and attention to detail. We use the softest fabrics and stuffing. We make every plush toy made by hand and includes a unique ID card and sticker hangtag. 

Are you ready to adopt your very own Love Spug? Head over to our shop and add a Love Spug plush toy creature to your plushie collection today!

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