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Download this free which Spug is different activity page.  The Spug is an odd little creature. No one knows much about them, and Spugs don’t say a lot. Spugs are different little creatures, can you find the one that is even more different?

To learn more about The Spug, visit their creature page.

Our free PDF downloadable coloring pages for kids and adults are ready to come to life and are just waiting for you to add color. They can be printed or imported into your favorite painting or drawing app.

Print size: 8.5″ Width x 11″ Height



Every child can benefit from which one is different activity pages. “Which One is Different” activities help children with their early problem-solving skills. They help kids to improve their ability to sort and separate through visual identification. It also enhances a child’s ability to focus and perseverance.

Another benefit of these activities helps to boost a child’s self-confidence. When a child solves a puzzle or problem, they get a sense of achievement that encourages them to solve the next problem. This process will continue and move their learning journey forward.

Tablets and other tech toys are another way for a child to color and create. And at the same time becoming familiar with the devices we use as adults in our everyday life. You can use our activity pages with most drawing apps on iPhones, iPads, or Android devices.



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