See the New Creachums Lenny Monster Plushie

Creachums Lenny Monster Plushie

Say hello to the Lenny monster plushie, our newest Creachums character. Lenny is a tall, skinny monster with just one eye. He has two funny ears on top of his head and a row of sharp teeth for a mouth. Lenny is made with the same quality fabrics and stuffing as all the Creachums plush toys.

We are releasing Lenny with our second newest Creachum, Poof. We decided to create a pair of Creachums that are best buddies. Where Lenny loves to listen, Poof loves to talk. These two are the opposite of the odd couple. They are a perfect match. You can read their full character bios on Lenny’s page and Poof’s page.

Who is Lenny, the plush toy?

 Lenny is a sweet little creature who loves to listen to whatever you say. This Creachum is about putting you first. Lenny can sit for hours and focus entirely on you.

Made with love

We make all our stuffed toys with the utmost care and attention to detail. We use high-quality stitching, the softest fabrics, and the perfect stuffing blend. We make each Creachum by hand and include a holographic sticker hang tag because who doesn’t like stickers?

Are you ready to adopt your very own Lenny? Visit our shop and add the Lenny Creachums stuffed toy to your plushie collection today!

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