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4 Free Creachums Coloring Pages

Have fun with these downloadable Free Creachums coloring pages for kids or adults! Each printable page features one of our Creachums characters and is ready for you to have fun being creative and coloring just the way you want.

These free coloring pages can be printed or imported into your favorite painting or drawing app. You can print each sheet as many times as you want to complete them multiple times.

Free Squiggle Coloring Page

Squiggle is constantly panicking. Squiggle is continuously worried about something and is constantly screaming. Have fun being creative with this coloring page of Squiggle looking pretty worried and panicking about something. Learn more about Squiggle here.

Free Squiggle Plush Toy Coloring Page

Free Spug Coloring Page

The Spug is such an oddball. Very little is known about the Spug. It mostly sits around and stares at you with its big blank eyes. It looks like the Spug is trying out swimming on this coloring page. Learn more about The Spug here.

Free Spug Plush Toy Coloring Page

Free Wallis Coloring Page

Wallis is the smartest Creachum of all. Wallis loves to solve problems, and he loves to help solve any problem you have. Show Wallis just how creative you are by coloring him in this scene. Learn more about Wallis here.

Free Wallis Plush Toy Coloring Page

Free Squizzard Coloring Page

Squizzard loves to dance. Squizzard loves to practice its dance moves all the time. Pretty much any time you see Squizzard, they are probably dancing. Help Squizzard bring their dance moves to life by coloring their page in your most creative way! Learn more about Squizzard here.

Free Squizzard Plush Toy Coloring Page

Check out Melissa and Doug’s arts and crafts pages and Crayola’s free coloring pages. Both have multiple free printable activities and coloring pages that kids will have fun doing.

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