Fun Fall Decor with Creachums

Creachums Plush Toys with Fun Fall Decor

Cute and simple

The setup for our fun fall decor photos was super simple. We shot these on our kitchen table with a few fall decor items we had in our house. We just used available light from a large window in our dining room to light the objects.

We had some fun fall decor with thought would look cute with a few of our favorite Creachums. We decided why not mix and match a few of our handmade plushies with some cute little fall decor pumpkins. We loved the warm colors of the wood grain matched with the simple white pumpkins and the soft fur of our stuffed animals.

We can’t tell what our Wallis plush toy thinks about this white pumpkin. Maybe something just caught their eye, and they can’t help but look at it?

Shiny and soft Spug and Spugosaur are on display here! You’d think both of these creatures look super serious based on their expression, but alas, they are both just blankly thinking of nothing.

Yes, we think the Spug looked best with these little pumpkins. We loved the shapes and sizes of the pumpkins with the roundness and softness of the Spug.

We caught the Spug peeking here! The Spug is a fascinating little creature. We never know what they are thinking. Is the Spug trying to be bashful, or did it just lose their way? We may never know. If you want to try to figure them out, you can learn more about the Spug here.

Have a happy fall!

We hope you enjoyed our fun fall decor photos with our handmade plush toys celebrating the season of fall. Let us know in the comments section if you have a favorite photo, a favorite Creachum, or want to share some of your favorite fall memories.

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