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The Spuggie is much like the Spug, as in it doesn’t do much. 😶 One day it just sorta popped up out of nowhere. It kinda has a habit of doing that.

To learn more about The Spuggie, visit their creature page.

We make each Creachums stuffed animals by hand, 🖐 so there will be slight differences between each plush toy. We think that makes them even more unique for you to love! 💙

Size: 4″ Width x 4″ Height

  • Extraordinary soft and cuddly surface
  • Made from 100% polyester
  • 100% polyethylene pellets
  • Premium hypoallergenic polyester stuffing
  • High-quality stitching
  • Age 3 and up
  • Made in the USA


The Spuggie plush toy is one of many original Creachums characters from the land of Creachums. Collect each of the Creachums to complete your little creature kingdom. Each Creachum has its own story and personality to share with you.

Stuffed toys are great at providing kids comfort, building confidence, forming social skills, and developing language skills. Or us big kids who like to have a little buddy of our own.

Plushies are great for kids of any age. They are the perfect buddy to hold, hang out with, or sit on a shelf to keep you company. Stuffed toys can help lower a child’s stress and anxiety by interacting with and relating to them. They can help give kids a sense of responsibility by teaching them how to look after their little furry friends.

The Creachums Spuggie plush toy is super soft, fluffy, and ready to give you or your kids a companion that makes them feel good. Monsters don’t have to be scary. Our little creatures can provide comfort when life gets a little scary.

We love monsters and creatures, and we created Creachums to give kids a little reassurance when they need it.



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