Christmas with Carol’s Play

Creachums at Carol's Play Christmas Experience

This holiday season, we had the chance to be a part of the Grand Opening of a popup winter Christmas Experience . The concept behind the experience is to provide Evansville with its first interactive photo art installation that features eight instagrammable Christmas/winter-themed art installation rooms. NOCO PARK who celebrates local creativity and artistry, presented this experience.

We had the opportunity to provide one of our plushie toys as a giveaway item to help promote the opening of this experience. The event will last through December, but we had the chance to tour the location early and get a few photos with some of our stuffed toy creatures.

Spug and the Candy Cane Lanes. This room has a basketball court and goal with peppermint swirls painted on the walls and floor. The Spug seemed to get a little excited when we entered this room. We aren’t sure if they like basketball or peppermint?

Fizz enjoying the stack of gifts and colorful Christmas trees in this room.

Bongo relaxing in the winter wonderland of it all.

The Spug was doing its best impersonation of a Christmas ornament.

Bongo on the ski lift. Do you think Bongo even needs poles or only needs to use their long arms?

Have a wonderful Christmas time!

We hope you enjoyed our Christmas with Carol’s Play photos with our handmade plush toys celebrating the season of Christmas in a unique and fun way! Let us know in the comments section if you have a favorite photo, a favorite Creachum, or want to share some of your favorite fall memories.

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