Christmas with the Creachums!

Wallis Plush Toy with Math Ornament

Celebrate Christmas with the Creachums! 2021 was the Creachums very first Christmas. We had a lot of fun creating holiday content to share with you. We thought it would be nice to highlight some of our favorite photos from this past Christmas here. We can’t wait to create and share new pictures with you in 2022! Let us know if you have a favorite in the comments below.

It’s beginning to look a lot like FIZZ-mas! 😅 We just couldn’t resist that lol. Fizz really wanted to get into the holiday spirit today, and what better way than playing in some snow? ❄️ 
Fizz also wanted to remind everyone that, just like every snowflake is unique, so is every single one of you! ❤️ (quite cheesy there, Fizz 😂)

Lili and Spuggie Plush Toy Decorating Christmas Tree

Lili and little Spuggie helped decorate the tree today! Didn’t they do such a good job?🎄❤️ Well honestly, it was mostly Lili. Spuggie just liked to watch and rolled Lili an occasional ornament 😂 

Also if you’re wondering why there is candy all over the floor, Spuggie got into some mints and then realized (after getting them everywhere 🙄) that they don’t like mints. Yeah no that’s fine Spuggie, I’ll clean those up for you 🙃 

Yoyo Plush Toy Monster with Peppermint Candy

Our little Yoyo is as sweet as candy! 🍬 With a heart of gold and fur as soft as clouds, this Creachum is the perfect pal for anyone ❤️

Are you in need of a handmade snuggle buddy like Yoyo? This Creachum is waiting just for you on our website 🥰

Bongo Plush Toy Monster with Presents

Whew! Gift wrapping is a lot of work, isn’t it Bongo? 🎁 Bongo was such a nice little buddy to have helping me! (It’s a good thing I already wrapped Bongo’s present…it’s a brand new drumset! Shhhh don’t tell them! also don’t ask how I wrapped it either….)🤫 

Bongo has been really wanting a nice drumset. They have one now, but it’s an old hand-me-down, so it doesn’t sound very nice. I feel bad, because all this plushie wants to do is make music! 🎵 

Have you gotten your gift wrapping done yet? (Uhm, no, I haven’t even gotten my gift shopping done! Who’s THAT prepared? 😂) 

It’s the season of giving! 💫 

Bongo wanted to give a present to Squiggle, and just look how excited Squiggle is! 😁

Seeing how happy Squiggle got made Bongo very happy. It’s nice to receive presents, but it’s so rewarding to give, too! ❤️

The hardest part about giving though, is not telling someone what you got them! 😂 (that’s why I always wait until the laaaaast minute to buy gifts. No, it’s not because I’m lazy….shh).

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