New Bongo Creachums Plush Toy

New Bongo Creachums Plush Toy

Our new Bongo Creachums plush toy creature has arrived! Meet Bongo, the noise-making, arm-swinging new plushie from Creachums. Bongo Creachum plush toy is a big green and tan creature that loves drumming. It doesn’t matter if it’s drumming on their belly or playing on a drumset, this Creachum loves to make noise.

This Creachum seems partial to bongos if you couldn’t guess by their name. If you hear a constant boom, boom, boom, chances are Bongo is nearby.

Who is the new Bongo Creachums Plush Toy?

Bongo loves to make noise. Bongo has big long arms that are great for those big hugs and carrying around with you. Bongo Creachum plush toy is a Boomble. Boombles are a noisy bunch of creatures that you can recognize immediately by their little horns and big arms. So far, we’ve only found this one Boomble, but we are confident we’ll find more just like this one.

Our original design had Bongo’s long arms from the beginning. We created this plush toy with longer arms so this stuffed animal would be fun to hold, carry and kids can drag it along beside them. The long arms are intentionally partially stuffed and floppy but still has soft hands to hug and hold. And to contrast Bongo’s long arms, we gave it short little legs and horns.

Made with love

We make all of our stuffed toys with the utmost care and attention to detail. We use the softest fabrics and stuffing. We fill each plush toy with premium stuffing to give the perfect amount of softness, making our plush toys so huggable. We make every plush toy made by hand and includes a unique ID card and sticker hangtag.

Who’s ready to adopt your very own Bongo? Head over to our shop and add a Bongo plush toy creature to your collection.

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