NEW: Creachums Squizzard Plushie Toy

New Squizzard Plush Toy Creature

The Squizzard plushie toy has arrived, and if you can’t tell, it looks closely related to our Squiggle plush toy. However, they couldn’t be more different except for their large open mouth. The Squizzard might look a little scary, but they are just a big old softie. You can read about its likes, dislikes, and full description on its creature page.

We wanted to make a creature that was a little bit dinosaur and a little bit monster. We still really loved the large open mouth of our Squiggle. And when we put all three of those things together. We just had to call it Squizzard. Squizzard has dark green fur and large purple fins going down its entire back. Squizzard and Squiggle share the same soft furs and stuffing, making them super soft and excellent for hugging and squeezing.

Who is the Squizzard plushie toy?

The Squizzard has a big open mouth that is either the look of shock, amazement, or just letting out a big yawn. One thing we do know about Squizzard is he likes to dance. He may have tiny little feet, but he loves to use them to practice all the latest dance moves. He wants to create a TikTok account to show them off, and we may just let him.

Made with love

We make all of our stuffed toys with the utmost care and attention to detail. We use the softest fabrics and stuffing. We make every plush toy by hand and include a hangtag that’s also a sticker. 

Are you ready to adopt your very own Squizzard? Head over to our shop and add the Squizzard plushie toy creature to your plushie collection today!

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