New Cuddly Squiggle Stuffed Animal Creature

Squiggle plush toy creature

Our newest stuffed toy creature has arrived! Meet our Squiggle stuffed animal creature, the panicky new plushie from Creachums. Squiggle is a delicate little creature that seems to get worked up over just about anything.

These little creatures were found hanging around a glass of spilled milk, running around in circles, screaming very loudly. We aren’t sure if they spilled the milk or found it that way. Either way, they were in a state of panic.

What is the Squiggle stuffed animal toy?

The Squiggle is a fragile little creature that seems to be in a constant state of panic. Whenever it’s feeling even the slightest sense of uncertainty, it will shuffle around and start yelling. This Creachum loves to be held and a home with peace and quiet. Maybe then it can… relax.

We’ve found the best way to soothe a Squiggle the most is simply by holding them. Are you ready to bring one home a Squiggle so you can provide the comfort they require so much?

Made with love

We make all of our stuffed toys with the utmost care and attention to detail. We use the softest fabrics and stuffing. Every plush toy we design is made by hand and includes a unique ID card and sticker hangtag. 

Who’s ready to adopt your very own Squiggle? Head over to our shop and add a Squiggle stuffed animal toy creature to your collection.

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