New Lili Creachums Plush Toy

Creachums Lili Plush Toy Announcement

Meet the new Lili Creachums plush toy, the new pink plushie with long eyelashes from Creachums. Lili Creachums plush toy is a pink and lavender Ook creature that loves gardening. This Creachum loves to plant and water all its flowers. Lili’s favorite plants are succulents and are the happiest when in their garden.

Who is Lili the Ook?

Lili is the Creachum with the green thumb and great big eyelashes. Lili is an Ook creature and has two arms, two legs, one great big eye, four sharp teeth, and soft fur that’s great for big hugs. You can learn more about Ooks in an earlier post.

We made this creature with a small new feature that gives it a big personality. We included long eyelashes to complement the stuffed toy’s great big eye. We used the same super soft fur you will find on all of our plush toys. And we’ve added just the right amount of stuffing to make sure Lili is super soft and huggable.

Made with love

We make all of our stuffed toys with the utmost care and attention to detail. We use the softest fabrics and stuffing. We fill each plush toy with premium stuffing to give the perfect amount of softness, making our plush toys so huggable. We make every plush toy made by hand and includes a unique ID card and sticker hangtag.

Who’s ready to adopt your very own Lili? Head over to our shop and add a new Lili Creachums plush toy creature to your collection.

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