New Spugosaur Plush Toy

The newest member of the Creachum family is finally here! Meet the new Spugosaur plush toy! The Spugosaur is another creature from the Spug family. The Spugs are an odd collection of animals that don’t seem to do much.

We are still trying to figure out the origin of the Spug. We’ve narrowed it down to they are either space-bugs or shark-pug-bugs. We will keep you posted as we learn more. Rumor has it there are even more Spugs out in the Wild waiting to be discovered!

One thing we know is they really enjoy having company and hanging out. And they definitely like getting held, hugged, and squeezed!

What is the new Spugosaur plush toy?

Spugosaur seems to like to roar. A lot. Maybe it just has a lot to say, but we aren’t advanced enough to know what the Spugosaur is saying. Or perhaps it’s just mad at everything. It’s very similar to the Spug, as in it doesn’t do much. Maybe you can figure it out?

Made with love

We make all of our stuffed toys with the utmost care and attention to detail. Our plushies are made with the softest fabrics and stuffing. Each plush toy is made by hand and includes a unique ID card and sticker hangtag. 

Who’s ready to adopt your very own Spugosaur? Head over to our shop and add a new Spugosaur plush toy creature to your collection.

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