New Wallis Holographic Stickers

New Wallis Holographic Stickers

We love anything fun and cute looking. The new Wallis Holographic Stickers fills both of those characteristics. We wanted to add a few stickers to our shop, so we decided to add Wallis, our bright little creature, to a fun and colorful new sticker. We think holographic stickers look fun since they change color as you view them from a different angle.

Who is Wallis the Creachum?

Wallis is the smartest and most helpful of all the Creachums. He is also the Creachum we created first. You can learn more about how we started making our creature plush toys and why we created Wallis first. You can also learn more about Wallis by reading his creature bio page.

We use the best materials to make all of our stickers. They are waterproof and weatherproof. The Wallis holographic sticker measures approximately 2.5″x2.5″. You can stick these anywhere, phone cases, lockers, folders, your car, and just about anywhere else!

Head over to our shop, where you can find these new stickers, plush toys, and other fun products!

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