What is a Spug stuffed animal?

Spug plush toy creatures

We don’t really know the exact origins of the Spug stuffed animal. They kind of just appeared one day. Spugs are small round-shaped creatures with fins and three spikey teeth. They sort of look like a shark, pug, and a bug combined. Or they kind of look like a bug from outer space, a space bug. Hence the name Spug.

We found the very first Spug at the edge of the forest. It wasn’t doing anything in particular. It was just sitting there staring at a rock. One thing we’ve noticed about the Spug is that it seems to like plants, small plants. We aren’t exactly sure why, but it seems to make them even more at peace. Maybe they came from a planet with lots of little trees?

Ook stuffed toys

These creatures may look a little weird, but they are super friendly, super soft, and just like to hang out. They also don’t say much. Some let out the occasional roar, but other than that, they seem to exist to coexist. We have a feeling there are even more species of Spugs out there. We can’t wait to find them and share them with you.

We keep finding new species of Spugs and will share every single new one we find with you. You can head over to our shop and get your very own Spug stuffed animal.

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