What is an Ook plush toy?

Ook plush toy creatures

Ook plush toys are friendly and affectionate little plush toy creatures that live in the world around us. Ooks have two legs, two arms, four sharp teeth, and one great big eye. Some Ooks wear glasses, have big eyelashes or sleepy eyes. These features make each Ook unique and are part of their big personalities.

Ooks live in the forest, the city, the snowy mountains, and just about anywhere else you or I might live. They have different fur colors depending on their climate or their surroundings. That doesn’t mean Ooks can only live in one place. Quite the contrary. You will find polar Ooks at that beach and forest Ooks living in the city. Their fur merely reflects where they came from originally.

They are super soft creatures with big personalities, and every Ook is a little different from the next. They only have one eye, but they have exceptional sight and perceptions. Most Ooks are friendly and enjoy most of the same things you and I like. We’ve found Ooks that like to sleep… alot. We’ve found some that are super smart and super good at helping others. Some Ooks like to go on adventures or even sing and dance.

We meet new Ooks all the time, and we’ll share every one of them with you. You can head over to our shop and meet the Ook plush toys we’ve found so far.

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